Individual Houses

For many, the opportunity of building their own home is a dream. My aim is to make this dream come true by guiding clients through the process of self-building. In the United Kingdom, self-building accounts for less than 10% of annual house building market whilst on the continent the proportion is considerably more.

The majority of people accept what is on offer through estate agents and from large housing developers and assume having anything tailored to their individual needs and likes is too difficult or expensive to achieve. On average, people who buy developer houses move in less than ten years, whereas those who self-build or customise their homes stay up to three times longer.

My Architectural design service can start before there is a real building or plot of land available. I can advise on how to set goals and the design, planning, technical and construction stages to be negotiated. In my experience, every site is different and has varying degrees of both restrictions and opportunities. Likewise, we are all individuals and have our own unique needs, likes and ambitions. 

Analysing the site and marrying it to the client’s requirements is vital in achieving a successful outcome. Inevitably there may be considerable planning legislation and other constraints to overcome but my challenge as a designer is to solve problems and find imaginative solutions. Often what appears a problem can become an opportunity for innovation.

All projects are a collaboration of many professionals. Through my years of experience, I have many contacts that can be brought in to assist where required. From planning and energy consultants, structural engineers and environmental consultants, getting the right advice during the design process is essential. Holistic design should be integrated from the outset not bolted on as an afterthought.

There are several ways of procuring a building and I can help advise which might be the most suitable for your project. As an RIBA Architect, I can offer a traditional architectural service from the initial design concepts through the planning process to Building Regulations and tender and contract administration. There are also self-build schemes, assisted build, design and build packages, project management and construction management alternatives. 

Every project is different and one approach is not necessarily appropriate in all situations. There is an increasing number of construction methods available as an alternative to traditional load-bearing masonry. I have had experience with offsite modular and volumetric construction methods and can advise on the relative merits and advantages.

My experience in forward thinking all encompassing design appraisals and team working helps ensure potential problems are designed out before they become an issue. The examples shown here are individual new build houses that have been successfully completed through a variety of procurement methods.